Paul and Christina Jones were born and raised in Los Angeles by parents who are both doctors, but they somehow inherited the hidden, musical genes in the family.  They both discovered at young ages that they had a passion and gift for music, when Paul taught himself how to play the bass guitar at age twelve, and Christina began singing in musical theatre at age ten.  Their obsession with music continued throughout high school and college as Paul majored in Jazz Bass at the University of California Irvine, and Christina studied Poetry at the University of Southern California to refine her skills in songwriting. Upon graduation, the siblings formed a musical group known as "Jonesey" and began playing shows throughout Los Angeles and Orange County.  Christina has since moved to Nashville as a pivotal career move to expand their influence to the Country Music Capital.  Paul brings the musical taste and sophistication, while Christina brings the quick-witted and emotive lyrics to this hit-making Pop-Country duo.  Together, these two are the ultimate entertainers who bring the stage to life with humor, magnetic personalities, and explosive talent. Follow these two as they break out and carve a name for themselves into the Country Music scene.               



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